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An Overview

The Fall Creek Collection™ is a new and simple, value-added blueberry genetics platform that includes tech transfer and horticultural support for professionalized commercial blueberry growers around the globe.

Our goals for this program are simple:

  • Give growers a competitive advantage with a pipeline of special new genetics at all chill levels. 
  • Create a flexible program that gives growers the choice to stay independent in growing and marketing these varieties, or to partner with other fruit marketers.
  • Help growers succeed with these varieties by offering a higher level of horticultural support and technical expertise through our advanced Applied Research and Grower Support teams.
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Here Is What a Grower Can Expect as Part of the Fall Creek Collection™:

  • Access to any of the current varieties in the collection.
  • Access to Fall Creek’s future pipeline of genetics in the Fall Creek Collection™ at all chill levels.
  • On-going access to proprietary data & growing guidelines from Fall Creek’s Applied Research department.
  • Access to visit Fall Creek applied research trial sites in order to preview advanced selections & newly-released varieties in the US, Mexico, Spain & Holland.
  • Access to enhanced technical & horticultural support delivered by Fall Creek’s experienced global Grower Support Team.
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How Do I Qualify as a Program Participant?

Eligibility is based on these simple qualifications:

  • Be a professional, commercial grower.
  • Have experience competitively growing and delivering quality fruit.
  • Show demonstrated performance in IP compliance.
  • In many regions, plant approximately 50 hectares. However, in other regions, demonstrating an adequate growth plan is a requirement.
  • Be growing blueberries in a territory where the program varieties are made available.
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What Varieties Are in the Fall Creek Collection™ at This Time?

While we have a pipeline of genetics at all chill levels coming soon, we have launched this program with three very special No-Chill varieties including:

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What Are the Costs of This Program?

Our fee structure is simple and straightforward. There are no minimums or complicated requirements. You are free to market your fruit where and how you wish. Please speak with a member of Sales & Grower Support Team for full details.

Upfront Access Fee:
$5,000 USD per variety per territory

Per-Plant Royalty:
€1.00 Europe & North Africa
$1.20 USD US/Mexico/Peru/Chile

Annual Program Membership Fee:
$1,000 USD per hectare per year.

  • This is a membership fee paid annually beginning 12 months after planting on the first crop-harvest year. 
  • Based on total hectares planted on Fall Creek Collection™ Variety Access Agreement.

For full program details including fees, royalties, rules, etc., please refer to the Fall Creek Collection™ Variety Access Agreement. 

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How Do I Learn More or Sign Up?

For more information or to move forward on becoming a participant, please contact:

Fall Creek - US & Canada | 1.800.538.3001 | Email

Fall Creek - Mexico | +52 384 7338077 | Email

Fall Creek Peru | +51 1 616 0160 | Email

 Fall Creek Europe - EMEA | +34 954 49 19 31 | Email

All Other Regions | Email

Content subject to revision at the full discretion of Fall Creek.