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Low to Mid Chill

OlympusBlue® ‘TH-1008’

OlympusBlue® 'TH-1008' is exceptional for its high yield and superior fruit quality. This variety has a similar harvest window to 'Ventura' and before 'Star'. OlympusBlue® 'TH-1008' is best suited for evergreen growing systems due to the large fruit size in the primocane crop, although this is also a valuable addition to traditional deciduous growing systems. The berry is sweet with the right amount of acidity for short or long-distance travel. Selected in Georgia, USA, and tested in southern Spain, this variety is a great addition to low chill growing regions.

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Licensed Variety

US Patent Pending. Intellectual property protection is being sought in other jurisdictions. As with all new varieties, Fall Creek® recommends growers trial under local conditions prior to commercial planting.

Berry Size:

Large Large Size
fruit qualities: Very Light Blue, Firm, Sweet
Bush Habit: Upright
Chilling Level: Low to Mid Chill
Ripening Season  
Triangle Season Scale

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