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High Chill

LoretoBlue® ‘FC11-118’

LoretoBlue® 'FC11-118' has reliable high yields of uniform, large fruit. The shelf life of the fruit is excellent with extreme firmness at harvest and throughout cold storage. LoretoBlue® 'FC11-118' has a dense leaf canopy that protects the fruit during high heat events, resulting in minimal shrivel and sunburn. Although the fruit color is dark compared to other Fall Creek® varieties, the large size and shape result in an attractive appearance. The impressive fruit firmness of LoretoBlue® 'FC11-118' lets growers delay harvest, increase fruit sweetness and aroma while improving labor flexibility. 

Licensed Variety Badge

Licensed Variety

US Patent Pending. Intellectual property protection is being sought in other jurisdictions. As with all new varieties, Fall Creek® recommends growers trial under local conditions prior to commercial planting.

Berry Size:

Large Large Size
Fruit Qualities: Very Firm, Mild Aromatic
Bush Habit: Rounded, Very Uniform
Chilling Level: High Chill
Ripening Season  
Triangle Season Scale

This is just one of many outstanding varieties available through
Fall Creek Farm & Nursery.