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Open Positions – U.S. Headquarters

Internal Communications Manager - Eugene, Oregon, United States
The Fall Creek Internal Communications Manager is responsible for planning and implementing Fall Creek’s internal communications program in order to create engagement with employees. This includes planning content and driving communications out to all employees across all Fall Creek global business units through a variety of communications tools.

IT Director - Eugene, Oregon, United States
The Fall Creek Global IT Director will be responsible for the development, planning, and implementaion of the worldwide Information technology (IT) strategy to accelerate business growth and enable innovation objectives, deliver optimal return on investment, create cyber security capabilities, and attract, and grow, top IT talent around the globe.

IT Support Technician - Eugene, Oregon, United States
The Fall Creek IT Support Technician will provide high level customer service to remote and on-site users for general maintenance, troubleshooting, answer questions, setting up new users, and more. 

Product Marketing Analyst - Eugene, Oregon, United States
The Fall Creek Product Marketing Analyst will closely collaborate with Fall Creek’s Product Marketing Manager and the global marketing team to assist in the planning and development of comprehensive product marketing strategies and managing the day-to-day responsibility for Fall Creek Collection, Licensing Management, Data Analysis, Global Event Trade events planning and support.

Sekoya Value Chain & Retail Manager - Eugene, Oregon, United States
The Sekoya Value Chain & Retail Manager will represent the Sekoya value chain to the industry to achieve global growth and Sekoya brand awareness. Sekoya provides its carefully-selected members genetics, services, and strategic alignment along the entire value chain.  Our shared mission is to empower consistent, reliable, and easy access to exceptional blueberries every day.

Supply Chain & Innovation Manager - Eugene, Oregon, United States
This global position will support the Sekoya General Manager in all functions for the ongoing growth and development of business associated with the Sekoya Supply Chain and its product development. Together, with the Business Development Manager, this position will lead the development and management of the new Sekoya Platform.

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Open Positions – U.S. Nurseries

Executive Assistant - Lowell, Oregon, United States     
As our Executive Assistant, you will provide executive level support and report to the Regional Director US. The Executive Assistant will actively manage the EXM team members’ calendars, emails, coordination of meetings on and off-site, coordination of travel domestically and international, and more. This position establishes and maintains effective working relationships with all levels in the company.

Lab Tissue Culture Technician - Lowell, Oregon, United States
The Lab Tissue Culture Technician will work in the Tissue Culture Laboratory to produce high quality in vitro plants.

R&D Molecular Lab Technician - Lowell, Oregon, United States
As our R&D Molecular Lab Technician, you will be responsible for performing molecular and cell biology laboratory activities. This position requires knowledge of molecular and cell biology skills, the ability to work independently, and the ability to balance multiple processes under tight timelines.

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Open Positions – Mexico

No Current Openings

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Open Positions – Peru

No Current Openings

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Open Positions – Chile

No Current Openings

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Open Positions – Europe

Human Resources Manager - Seville, Spain
The Fall Creek HR Manager is primarily responsible for implementing HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy of the company in the EMENA region.

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Open Positions – South Africa

Propagations Supervisor - Paarl, South Africa
The Propagations Supervisor is responsible to supervise work teams, working in a controlled nursery setting, to make sure that the transplanting, fertilizing, irrigation, storage, and shipment plans for the propagation department dealing with live plants.

Tissue Culture Lab Manager - Paarl, South Africa
This position is responsible for managing the operation of Fall Creek’s plant tissue culture laboratory to meet the goal of producing and delivering high quality plants on target, on time and within budget.

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Open Positions – Morocco

No Current Openings

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Open Positions – China

Financial Controller - Yunnan Province, China
The Fall Creek Financial Controller is responsible for all areas related to accounting as well as financial and tax reporting. This position is responsible for developing and maintaining accounting principles, practices, and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial statements.

Human Resources Manager - Yunnan Province, China
The Fall Creek HR Manager is primarily responsible for implementing HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy of the company.


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