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Open Positions – U.S. Headquarters

Human Resources Coordinator - Eugene, Oregon, United States
The Fall Creek Human Resources Coordinator will assist with and provide administrative support in all aspects of HR programs, with a primary focus on systems, global HR programs, and learning and development.

IT Director - Eugene, Oregon, United States
The Fall Creek Global IT Director will be responsible for the development, planning, and implementaion of the worldwide Information technology (IT) strategy to accelerate business growth and enable innovation objectives, deliver optimal return on investment, create cyber security capabilities, and attract, and grow, top IT talent around the globe.

IT Support Specialist - Eugene, Oregon, United States
Reports to the IT Supervisor and provides support to remote and on-site users. Assists the IT Supervisor and collaborates with others in the department with projects as needed.

Senior Executive Administrator to the Board and Family - Eugene, Oregon, United States
This position is responsible for assisting and maximizing the effectiveness of Fall Creek’s Board of Directors and Family Office through high-level administration, project management, and communication support. The position provides direct assistance to the Executive Chair (EC) and Executive Vice Chair (EVC).

Tax and Treasury Manager - Eugene, Oregon, United States
The Fall Creek Tax and Treasury Manager will be responsible for managing the Company’s global accounting for income taxes, U.S. Federal, state, and international income tax compliance, and U.S. based income tax projects.  

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Open Positions – U.S. Nurseries

No Current Openings

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Open Positions – Mexico

To be considered for open positions in Mexico, submit your resume to Fall Creek Mexico Human Resources

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Open Positions – Peru

To be considered for open positions in Peru, submit your resume to Fall Creek Peru Human Resources

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Open Positions – Chile

To be considered for open positions in Chile, submit your resume to Fall Creek Chile Human Resources.

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Open Positions – Europe

European Blueberry Breeder - Aznalcázar, Spain
The EU Blueberry Breeder is responsible for the successful development of new varieties for no chill and low chill blueberries and the evaluation of varieties from affiliated Fall Creek and various third-party programs.

Farm Manager - Meterik, Netherlands
The Farm Manager will coordinate operations at the nursery which includes, but is not limited to: plant production, crop maintenance (moving, shearing), irrigation, packing, pest & diseases control, quality control, traceability, and labor.

Infrastructure & Maintenance Manager - Aznalcázar, Spain
This position is responsible for managing the design, planning, construction and maintenance of equipment, machinery, buildings, farms and other facilities. The position plans, budgets and schedules facility modifications. This position also manageds the personnel and daily operation of the maintenance department and ensures all equipment is operating safetly and to legal requirements. 


To be considered for open positions in Europe, submit your resume to Fall Creek Europe Human Resources

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Open Positions- South Africa

To be considered for open positions in South Africa, submit your resume to Fall Creek South Africa Human Resources

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Open Positions- Morocco

To be considered for open positions in Morocco, submit your resume to Fall Creek Europe Human Resources


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