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The Future of Blueberries Start Here.

For 40 years, Fall Creek® has focused on bringing new blueberry varieties to the leading growers. For the last two decades, our efforts have centered on breeding our own varieties in addition to working closely with some of the best public and private breeding programs. 

Fall Creek® now has an expanded global breeding program with three Research & Development facilities globally spanning all chill zones. We also have experienced breeding and applied research teams with scientists and technicians at all three facilities. Building our expansive program and teams shows the commitment we have made to the industry and to the future. 

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Fall Creek® Breeding. The Difference.

What differentiates our program? First, we're actively developing new varieties for every environment where blueberries can be grown. Second, we conduct 1,000s of consumer evaluations and berry storage trials. In addition, every variety we advance goes through vigorous trialing in plant performance, post-harvest qualities and more. 

We also have a unique advantage. With a long history and a global sales and technical team serving growers around the world, we are keenly aware of the challenges growers face now and in the future. From labor shortages, increasing harvest costs, technology advancements, emerging consuming market locales and more, we stay centered on meeting these challenges. We believe many of these looming challenge will be met with improved varieties. 

One thing is for sure - new challenges will drive our breeding innovation. At Fall Creek®, we're committed to continually innovating to meet these challenges. 

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Happy Consumers.

Ultimately, what matters most is how satisifed consumers are with the berries they buy. Right now, research shows they are dissatisfied far too often. Imagine if consumers had extraordinary eating experiences. How much would demand increase? 

This is precisely why we maintain razor-sharp focus on developing blueberry varieties that significantly improve the eating experience. And varieties that deliver greater proficiencies in growing, harvest, storage and packaging. 

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Choosing Varieties.

Making your variety selections may seem overwhelming. There are so many choices. Rest assured, the variety offerings in this catalog are some of the very best varieties available today. 

Our Sales & Technical Support Team members stand ready to help guide you through these decisions. They are professionals working with growers daily. They know these varieties well and have lots of insights and expertise to bring your projects. Talk to them early to take advantage of their knowledge.