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The Fall Creek® Collection is a new and simple, value-added blueberry genetics platform that includes tech and transfer and horticultural support for professionalized commercial blueberry growers around the globe.  

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Here is where you can preview the full Fall Creek® variety portfolio, including variety information such as berry characteristics, primary usage, licensing information & more.

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Fall Creek® has one of the world's largest private blueberry breeding programs bringing the best blueberry genetics to growers throughout the globe.

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Posted November 02, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of Fall Creek’®s new BlueNote™ video series.

Typically, our BlueNote™ videos will feature one person talking on one blueberry subject in one minute or less. We hope to share more about Fall Creek®, what we offer, important industry topics industry, fun blueberry facts, and more. It’s all part of our plan to spread blueberry positivity with all of you.

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Careers At Fall Creek®

Fall Creek® has a global team dedicated to innovation and excellence in producing our products and serving our customers and the industry. We have employees in the U.S., Mexico, Peru, and in Greater Europe. Come see what makes Fall Creek® such a special place to work.

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