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Who Is Fall Creek®?

We’re a US-based company with a keen focus on blueberry genetics, plants and grower support delivered to the world’s premier blueberry growers. From our humble beginnings in Lowell, Oregon more than four decades ago, we now also have nursery and R&D operations in the U.S., Mexico, Peru, Spain, The Netherlands, South Africa, and now Chile. Additionally, we have built a global team of the finest breeders, researchers, propagators and nursery professionals, grower support technicians, sales and customer service experts and more. 

We’re a deeply planted link in a global chain, ready to serve our customers and our industry throughout North, Central and South America, Greater Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our mission is to serve the world’s blueberry growers and to support the blueberry industry, helping to ensure growers maximize success through our delivery of the best genetics and plants, technical know-how and global market intelligence. To fulfill our mission, we focus on delivering exceptional varieties and plants, unsurpassed technical support, building strong relationships and providing responsive customer service. This is all part of how we’re helping to build A World with Better Blueberries™. 

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Fall Creek® – Then & Now

Since the founding of Fall Creek® in Oregon in 1978 by Dave and Barbara Brazelton, we have been propagating and growing fine quality blueberry plants for fruit growers to help fill the ever-increasing consumer demand for blueberries. From our early days of farm-stand and wholesale blueberry fruit sales to our current status as a wholesale supplier of genetics and blueberry nursery stock, we have studied and worked hard to understand all elements of blueberry farming, the industry, the world marketplace, and all points in-between.

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Blueberry Breeding – A Key Part of Our Story

Since the early 1990s, Fall Creek® has been breeding blueberries through our own private breeding program and through our collaboration and partnerships with some of the leading public and private breeding programs worldwide.  Our goal is simple – to bring the absolute best blueberry genetics to growers – whether from our program or someone else’s. These are varieties with improved characteristics in taste, texture, machine-harvestability, long-distance shipping, storage, quality from freezing through thawing and more. We’re also breeding varieties that will expand the types of geographies and climates that can grow blueberries to serve the expanding global markets.

As blueberries have become ever more integral to human health and the global diet, we have researched and served the growing regions and market dynamics throughout the Americas, Europe and Africa. Our work to understand all aspects of the industry has positioned our team for enhanced research, advanced varietal development, exceptional cultivation practices and farming techniques that elevate grower success and improve fruit quality.

Wherever it is that you farm or wish to farm blueberries, our global team is well-versed in the challenges and opportunities of your region and can provide grower insight and guidance that can aid you in maximizing your crop potential. And our ability to provide the best blueberry varieties and healthy plants, best suited to your growing area, is unsurpassed.

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Looking Forward

As we look forward, fulfilling our goal to continually build "A World With Better Blueberries™" drives our every action. With growing demand for diverse flavor and character, we believe our mission is increasingly important to growers everywhere. Our focus on genetics, premium plants, market insight and customer support will continue with ever-fortified determination. A World With Better Blueberries™ relies on our efforts and a partnership with yours.