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Fall Creek - Home Office - Oregon, USA

Our main nursery and corporate offices are in Lowell, Oregon which is a fifteen minute drive from Eugene - home of the University of Oregon Ducks. This farm is the original location of Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc. where the Fall Creek story began back in 1978. (Learn about our Company’s History.) 

At this location, you will find the hub of our corporate operations, including accounting, executive leadership, legal, propagation and production, marketing, and sales teams. Nearby, our Windy Flat and Pleasant Hill Farm nursery locations have additional production facilities.

Just a stone’s throw from our corporate offices, you’ll also find Henry Farm: our main research and development facility where we breed and trial new mid and high chill blueberry varieties. Visitors to Fall Creek’s Oregon operations will often visit our Henry Farm and experience our tasting room. It’s a special place – especially during the peak of ripening season! 

Address & Phone

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc. - Office & Main Nursery
39318 Jasper-Lowell Road
Lowell, Oregon   97452

Phone:  (541) 937-2973

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Fall Creek Mexico - Tala, Jalisco, Mexico

The second wholly-owned nursery established in 2005 by Fall Creek is Fall Creek Mexico which is located about 40 miles north of Guadalajara. At this location, you will find corporate offices, propagation and growing facilities and our research and breeding operations focused on varieties for Mexico and other no- and low-chill blueberry varieties.

We have long been committed to the exceptional growers of Mexico and our operations and expert team on the ground there means we can serve the country’s blueberry industry right where they grow. Our teams in Mexico include professional sales and technical support representatives, administration and accounting, production personnel and a research team.

On site at our Fall Creek Mexico location, you’ll find comprehensive propagation and production facilities as well as our no- and low-chill trial site and research farm.  We’re very proud of our Fall Creek Mexico team and operations.

Address & Phone

Fall Creek Mexico
Av. Solidaridad #305 Tala, Jalisco Mexico

Phone: (384)733-8077

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Fall Creek Peru - Cañete, Peru

Soon after our Mexico nursery became operational, we began building our nursery in Peru – south of Lima. Peru is an emerging blueberry growing region with tremendous opportunity for expansive growth serving Asia and the Americas. Peru has the climate, available land, resources and proximity to key consuming markets to become a top contender in blueberry production.

At Fall Creek Peru, we have a professional team that includes propagation and production, administration, accounting and sales and support members and expansive facilities to grow plants to Fall Creek’s exacting standards.

Our experienced sales & technical support team on the ground at our Peru nursery is proud to be serving Peruvian growers with the leading portfolio of no and low-chill blueberry varieties; we deliver those varieties with expertise that helps Peru’s growers succeed. It has been an honor to play a role in developing Peru’s blueberry industry, and we have an exceptional, expert team serving these growers in this region.

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Fall Creek Europe (EMEA) - Aznalcázar, Spain

Fall Creek Europe’s nursery is located in the municipality of Aznalcázar, Spain, near the town of Villamanrique de la Condesa, 40 minutes from Sevilla.

We established our propagation and production hub here to leverage the growing conditions and highly-trained and capable people of the region. Utilizing our Fall Creek proprietary growing systems, our nurseries in the south of Spain are some of the largest in terms of capacity and most streamlined systems in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region.

Our administration headquarters for our EMEA business is based at our home nursery in Spain, while our team of product representatives and distributors are dispersed throughout the broader EMEA territory. We have an experienced and professional team ready to serve the fine growers of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

Address & Phone

Carretera Partido de Resina, km. 2,5
41849 Aznalcázar

Phone: 954 491 931


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