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No Chill

AtlasBlue® ‘FCM12-045’

AtlasBlue® 'FCM12-045', a Fall Creek® release, was named for its vigorous, upright growth habit, exceptional yields, and high-quality fruit. Selected for its performance in evergreening production systems, it ripens in the same time frame as ‘Biloxi’ and ‘Ventura’, but has a much more concentrated ripening period. Berries are medium to large sized, uniform, and medium-dark blue. Scars on floricane fruit are medium and dry, though primocane fruit can have somewhat larger scars. If the fruit is allowed to ripen fully, it develops a very aromatic flavor. In our tests, the storage life and firmness were impressive. Additionally, cross-pollination may be necessary to ensure maximum fruit size, more than in the case of BiancaBlue® ‘FCM12-087’. This variety fruits primarily from floricane buds.

Licensees Download the AtlasBlue® 'FCM12-045' Variety Management Guide.

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Licensed Variety

Licensed to Fall Creek®. Royalties may apply. Please contact your regional Fall Creek® representative for details. U.S. Patent No. PP29,468 Mexico PBR No. 1742 CPVO PBR App. No. 2016/1751 Peru PBR App. No. 1313-2017 Unlicensed propagation prohibited.

Berry Size:

Medium - Large Medium - Large Size
Primary Use: Fresh
Fruit Qualities: Medium Blue, Uniform Size, Aromatic Flavor
Bush Habit: Upright
Chilling Level: No Chill
Ripening Season  
Triangle Season Scale

“AtlasBlue is a vigorous bush with a high yield potential that naturally produces at the end of winter or early spring. The fruit is medium dark with striped wax and a very fruity flavor.”
— Patty Rodriguez-Armenta
Latin America Breeder at Fall Creek Nursery