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Zero to Low Chill

AzraBlue™ ‘FCM14-031’

AzraBlue™ 'FCM14-031' is an early variety with concentrated fruit production. In zero chill growing regions, there is strong potential for high yields during fall production. The fruit is firm, mildly aromatic, and maintains quality during long-term storage. Visitors have consistently rated the fruit quality as superior to other leading varieties. Trials are still in progress to determine the commercial viability of AzraBlue™ 'FCM14-031' in low-chill production systems.

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Licensed Variety Badge

Licensed Variety

AzraBlue™ ‘FCM14-031’ is licensed to Fall Creek®. The variety information presented in this chart is based on observations and does not guarantee results. Plant performance, fruit quality, and production across global regions, will vary due to a variety of elements including climate, soil, horticultural practices, inherent traits, and other factors. Fall Creek® recommends growers trial varieties in their own commercial grower operations.

Berry Size:

Very Large Very Large Size
Primary Use: Fresh
fruit qualities: Firm, Sweet & Acid, Mildly Aromatic
Bush Habit: Rounded
Chilling Level: Zero to Low Chill
Ripening Season  
Triangle Season Scale

"I like AzraBlue™ ‘FCM14-031’ because it is a variety that has everything a grower and consumer wants, it is easy to handle in the field and very productive and its fruit is sweet, firm and the ideal size to pop in your mouth and enjoy one by one."
— Karen Ruiz
Sales & Grower Support Representative at Fall Creek®