The USHBC did it again with their latest just-launched project. Recently the USHBC teamed up with the Culinary Institute of America to develop Blueberry Kitchen. This new comprehensive website offers online video cooking instruction and brand new recipes utilizing blueberries.  CIA Chef Scott Samuel provides video cooking demonstrations.  Breakfast foods, salads, entrees, cocktails and desserts are all covered in this website.

This new site also offers blueberry nutrition information as well as relevant blueberry cooking know-how including berry size and color, fruit-to-batter ratios, berry storage tips and more. The recipes provided will leave your mouth watering.

Visitors to the Blueberry Kitchen website will find a link to the USHBC site  as well which provides even further insight into blueberries and the industry.

There are more and more compelling research study findings being published that further build on the superfood status of blueberries.  This innovative new Blueberry Kitchen website will provide tremendous inspiration for cooking with blueberries and bringing their powerful nutrients and health benefits into people's daily diets.

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