Since I was a little girl running through greenhouses or between the rows on our farm, I always knew that the women at Fall Creek were special. My mom founded the company with my dad. They worked day and night, problem solving at the kitchen table side by side. 

Her determination and willingness to do any kind of work – with her hands, her mind, and her heart – is one of the things that made our plants special. 

She showed me that being strong and vulnerable at the same time is a good thing. Because companies that LAST must have a soul.

On #internationalwomensday2021, we honor all the women who do this every day at Fall Creek and in our blueberry industry. You nurture our company and our customers just as you do your own families. Thank you. We will keep striving to be a company that helps you develop into your full potential, with real opportunities at every level.

- Amelie Aust, Executive Vice Chair, Fall Creek Board of Directors & 2nd generation owner of Fall Creek

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