Back in 2012, Fall Creek teamed up with Katie’s Krops, a non-profit gardening organization started by Katie Stagliano that donates the harvest from vegetable gardens to help feed people in need. Fall Creek donated 700 blueberry plants to help feed those in need living in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. 

Katie started this non-profit back in 2008 when she was 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. She had brought home a cabbage seedling from school and tended to it until it grew to be 40 pounds. Katie donated the 40 pound cabbage to a soup kitchen where it helped feed over 275 people. From there her dream to help those in need began.

Katie's Krops now has 100 food gardens across the country and has donated thousands of pounds of fresh produce to people in need.  Katie’s Krops also host “Katie’s Krops Dinners.” Youth volunteers grow vegetable gardens where the whole harvest is donated to feed the hungry. Once a month, youth volunteers gather their harvest and prepare healthy meals for anyone in need under the direction of a volunteer head chef.

We recently caught up with Katie to get an update on the blueberry plants:

All of the blueberry plants are doing very well. They were spread around to multiple Katie’s Krops Gardens in the area. While they did have a severe freeze this year, the plants have been doing well and have provided thousands of pounds of blueberries to those in need.

This Saturday at 10am/9am CST on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Katie's Krops will be featured in a 30 minute show called The Hero Effect. Here is a sneak peek- 

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