Trade shows are an important way for Fall Creek to spend time with our customers and interact with friends in the industry. Our Commercial Sales Manager Dick Mombell attended this year’s World Agriculture Expo in Tulare, CA and reports on his experience.

According to Dick, there was lots of interest at the booth about the Fall Creek Genetics™ breeding program and the new blueberry varieties Fall Creek plans to release in the near future.  Dick had this to say about his experience at this year’s World Ag Expo - “Many of our customers come by the booth to investigate what we’ve got coming up in the near future, and this is reflective of Fall Creek’s history of bringing so many new varieties to the market. The growers also like to discuss how well they did this season, and there are always a lot of questions about how other regions around the country fared with their crop this year as well as Fall Creek’s perspectives.”

He said he was pleasantly surprised to see many Northwest growers in Tulare for the show. “While there was some diversity of visitors, most are from the West Coast with some people from Mexico, Japan and British Columbia mixed in. It is always great to see our Northwest customers who stop by the Fall Creek booth to say hello even if they were at the show for other purposes,” Dick recounts.

There’s always a lot of networking that takes place at these shows, and the opportunity to meet and share information occurs often. We appreciated all those who came by our booth this year. If you missed the World Ag Expo or if you’ve never been, you might consider attending next year. And while you’re there, come by to meet our staff and get all the latest Fall Creek news.

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