Employee safety is always a top priority at Fall Creek. While we have broadened our safety programs and initiatives through the years, it’s impossible to anticipate all scenarios until they become real.    In the face of the COVID-19 crisis we have developed heightened safety policies and protocols around the world to assure the safety and wellness of our people as we continue operating and serving our customers who produce healthy blueberries for people around the world. 

Simple measures like employee spacing, frequent handwashing and wearing of face masks are new norms for our employees working throughout our subsidiaries. Our teams have also developed adjustments to and new uses for equipment, solutions for employee transport, new team processes and new protocols to ensure health and wellness of everyone arriving and working at our subsidiaries.  We continue to look for new ways of keeping our people safe and healthy.  We will share more as the effort progresses.  If you and your organization are making new efforts for operational and employee safety, please feel free to share.  We are all in this together.

We are proud of and immensely grateful to our Operations Managers, management teams, team leaders and every single nursery worker who helps to bring forward new ideas and who commit themselves daily to following these very important health and safety measures. Thank you for making sure that our customers continue to receive the quality plants they need while also making everyone’s health a top priority!

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