Fall Creek’s very own Scott Cully, pumpkin-sculptor extraordinaire, will be carving it up in the Pumpkin Palooza!, at this weekend’s Lane County Home Improvement Show (October 7-9).  Cully specializes in carving gourds of truly epic proportions.  Below is a photo of one he carved for a previous year's show being admired by a young fan. With seminars, exhibits, and prizes it’s sure to be a great show.

Find event details HERE.

Cully with one of his youngest fans at the Eugene Home Show 2012. 

Facts about Scott: 

  • He holds the official Guinness World Record from 2010 for carving the largest jack o' lantern (photo). 
  • He's been carving for years--since he and his wife had a farm in West Connecticut that grew 200-300 pound pumpkins on 20 acres, and sold them to chain stores west of the Mississippi River.
  • In 1988 he carved his first massive pumpkin for a friend's party. The pumpkin weighed a mere 400 pounds. The largest pumpkin he has carved (in 2010) weighed more than 4 times as much!


Giant Pumpkin Cully 2015

The ghoulish behemoth completed at theHood River Harvest Festival 2015, weighing a whopping 1,430 pounds (650kg)!


Hood River Harvest Festival 2010

Hood River Harvest Festival 2010


USMC logo design for the Foxwoods Resort Casino, 2006.


Pumpkin Totem Pole

A towering totem of jeers.

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