South Africa hosted its very first Fall Creek® Connect event. It was a day filled with knowledge exchange, updates, and networking, where we brought together both current and future Fall Creek® blueberry growers in an intimate gathering. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Discovering the latest advancements in Fall Creek® blueberry varieties.
  • Getting first-hand updates on production timelines and nursery developments in South Africa.
  • Ended the day with a Demo Tour and Blind Blueberry Tasting, featuring peak-season varieties like AzraBlue® 'FCM14-031', AtlasBlue™ 'FCM12-045', OlympusBlue™ 'TH-1008', Sekoya Pop™ ‘FCM14-052’. 

Our commitment to fostering a sense of community among growers while showcasing the latest in blueberry innovation was on full display. 

Stay tuned for our second event at the end of October, focusing on mid to late-season varieties like BiancaBlue™ 'FCM12-087', AtlasBlue™ 'FCM12-045', and Sekoya Beauty™ ‘FCM12-097’.

Let's continue to Build A World With Better Blueberries™.


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