Now readers of the San Francisco Chronicle will be a little wiser and far more inspired about blueberries thanks to a very informative piece, Blueberry Varieties That Thrive In Bay Area, written by Sophie Brickman. Our very own Nursery Sales Manager Chris MacLaggan was the key source in this article.

This piece gives good information on varieties suited to the Bay Area as well as on planting and care.  Chris provides wonderful insight into the "every season, every garden" aspect and landscaping qualities of blueberries too. He also encourages planting different varieties to extend the fruit harvest season.

We love that blueberries are a part of a rooftop garden at the Chronicle. What a great place that must be for the staff and such a hands-on place for the garden writers there to get up close and personal with plants and gardening.

Okay Bay Area residents, what are you waiting for?  Go forth and garden with blueberries!

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