We are proud of our Fall Creek® Driesvenplant team for putting on a successful Pruning Days event this past week in The Netherlands. Over two full days, our Sales & Grower Support and Technical Team hosted almost 80 Fall Creek® customers representing blueberry companies in 12 different countries.  Fall Creek®’s grower support representatives provided technical training and information on proper pruning techniques.

Proper pruning is a critical part of managing a blueberry operation to ensure high quality fruit, maximum plant performance and fruit production, harvest timing and plant health. Guests had the opportunity to get hands-on experience in pruning with a field visit after the presentations.

Bravo to our team in the Netherlands and a big thank you to those who attended!  At Fall Creek, our customers’ success is at the heart of our mission and that’s why we bring important technical support to our customers throughout the world.


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