Fall Creek’s open catalog varieties, one of our commercialization models, offer customers excellent quality but with nonexclusive contracts and no upfront fees. These varieties have proven their value at large-scale commercial operations worldwide and are requested by customers for their dependability for success. At Fall Creek South Africa, open catalog varieties include Ventura and Victoria™ ‘TH-929’. 

Ventura, a no-chill variety exclusive to Fall Creek Genetics™, adapts well to low chill, and produces high yields of medium- to large-sized firm berries on vigorous upright plants.

Victoria, a no- to low-chill variety, produces large to very large berries in mid to late season on vigorous open bushes that hold the fruit on the outside for easy picking.

Our open catalog program continues to expand, with expected additions in the upcoming year. Just ask one of your Fall Creek Sales & Grower Support Reps, Dane Castle or Elsa Muller.

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