Fall Creek®'s blueberry variety Blue Ribbon is making an impressive showing in Spain. Here is what Fall Creek®’s Applied Research Manager, Antonio Alamo, said about Blue Ribbon today:

"We’re seeing great performance with Blue Ribbon at our trial site in Spain. This variety is highly-adapted. The yield is still not finished but we’re estimating it to be very high, perhaps around 4 kilos on second-leaf plants, planted October of 2017. We are seeing ripening that is not as concentrated in tunnels as we normally see in higher chill regions like Oregon (US). The berries are large, firm and super sweet. We will have full yield and post-harvest data at the end of the season."

Blue Ribbon is a mid-chill variety, originally developed at Fall Creek® in Oregon's Willamette Valley. We have been surprised by the adaptability of this variety and its consistent high years of fruit with exceptional flavor and firmness.

Find out more about Blue Ribbon here. 

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