Fall Creek®️ South Africa’s first Grower Day yields a positive response.
On Friday, 16 September 2022, Fall Creek®️ South Africa welcomed more than 150 attendees to their first in-person Grower Day. Since putting down roots in the Western Cape in 2020, the farm and nursery in Paarl have expanded threefold, to accommodate current and expected demand, and this event was their first opportunity to showcase the latest developments to growers and stakeholders from around the country.

A well-planned event, designed with two goals in mind – Information sharing and Networking – attracted visitors from as far as Namibia and Zimbabwe. Even the grower in Limpopo was willing to take the trip down to Cape Town to not miss out on the opportunity to get updated information from insightful speakers and expand their networks with industry suppliers and marketers.

The program for the event was filled with presentations from industry experts, including Wian Mouton (Commercial Manager at Fall Creek®️ South Africa), Hans Liekens (Value Chain and Retail Manager at Sekoya®️ Blueberries), Brent Walsh (BerriesZA), and Pietman Wessels (Frudata) who shared the latest trends and insights that are shaping the blueberry industry, locally and abroad

To top it all off, attendees were treated to a tour through the Demo Block and the Nursery facility to see, feel, and taste the more than 15 blueberry varieties produced at this nursery

Bringing the Southern African Blueberry industry together on one day, at one event, is what characterized the Fall Creek®️ South Africa’s Grower Day as a huge success and will surely become a highlight on the annual calendar.

“Thank you to all those who attended the day and we can’t wait to welcome you back to the nursery next year – Wian Mouton”.

For any questions, please contact Fall Creek®️’s Customer Relations Representative, Melise Ferreira at melise@fallcreeknursery.com.

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