We are thrilled to announce that Fall Creek South Africa‘s nursery is open and taking blueberry plant orders for the growers of Southern Africa.

Our Fall Creek South Africa Sales & Grower Support team is ready to bring the combined experience from the Fall Creek global technical team to growers’ fields.

We encourage talking with our team early in your project planning. In addition to assuring plant material of the right varieties is ready and available when the field is ready, advanced planning is ultimately a key attribute of successful blueberry fields. By leveraging the best horticultural knowledge available, growers are better positioned in a competitive and growing global market place.

Read the full article here and don’t forget to subscribe to Fall Creek webinars! You can find the opt-in link at the end of the article. You can also connect with our South African team here on LinkedIn or via one of the email addresses/phone numbers listed in the article: Wian Mouton, Dane Castle, and Elsa Muller.

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