Fall Creek® South Africa | Our Journey 

Part 3: Breed 

For the past two decades at Fall Creek®, we’ve been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of blueberry genetics, resulting in exceptional varieties that have revolutionised the global industry. Our breeding programme — with a strong emphasis on flavour, yield, disease resistance, and adaptability — consistently delivers results loved by both growers and consumers. In the final chapter of our journey, we proudly showcase our star performer: the Fall Creek® plant. 

World-class Blueberry Breeding 

The demand for superior, high-quality fresh berries has never been greater. Customers crave flavour, firmness, and larger fruit, while growers look to optimise yields and minimise labour inputs throughout the growth and harvest cycles. We understand the need for newer blueberry genetics. That’s why we continue to invest in groundbreaking breeding at Fall Creek®.

Working for Growers 

With three cutting-edge R&D facilities strategically located in diverse chill zones, our experienced team of scientists, breeders, and technicians work to prepare new varieties that address specific growing challenges. From analysing microclimates to evaluating variety adoptability in different climatic regions, they focus on maximising blueberry performance. Growers are then equipped with the knowledge to navigate their unique growing conditions successfully. 

Fall Creek® Plant Preview Programme 

Our Plant Preview Programme gives growers the opportunity to experience new varieties first-hand, empowering them to make informed decisions before committing to bulk orders. This approach instills confidence in their investments as they can see how these varieties perform in their commercial growing operations.  


What to Expect From a Fall Creek® Plant 

At Fall Creek®, our commitment to excellence is more than just a promise — it’s the very foundation upon which we’ve built our reputation in South Africa. It all begins in our state-of-the-art tissue culture lab, from which every field-ready plant is produced. 

We start by selecting virus-tested and disease-tested mother stock, which undergoes rigorous checks to ensure they’re robust. These plants then grow in our high-health systems where they thrive under our “start clean, stay clean” protocols. This guarantees that you receive nothing but the best. The result? Fast establishment in your fields and quicker return on your investment.  

When they arrive at your doorstep, you can expect the following from your field-ready plants:  

  • Complete and vigorous root system 
  • Well balanced 
  • Consistent uniformity 
  • Strong and stable crown  
  • Sturdy canes 
  • True-to-type variety

The Fall Creek® Experience 

We invite you to explore our incredible facilities in Paarl for a first-hand encounter with our world-class blueberries and operations.  

Our Demo Site is the hub of innovation, where growers and our Grower Support Team collaborate to learn, plan, work, and experiment with berry varieties. From harvesting and testing storage to blind tastings, we gather essential data to understand each variety’s unique traits. The team uses this information to educate our growers on how to achieve optimal growth and the best results.  

At our Visitor Centre, we offer a welcoming space designed for growers to experience the magic first-hand. Schedule a meeting, join us on the farm, and witness the future of blueberry cultivation. 

Contact Us 

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