Fall Creek®, a leading provider of blueberry genetics, recently hosted a remarkable event that brought together growers and producers for an enriching experience at the Field & Forum in Spain. What was anticipated to attract 50 attendees surpassed expectations, drawing in over 100 enthusiasts, demonstrating the immense interest and relevance of such gatherings.

The event commenced with an illuminating field tour, allowing participants to delve into the nuances of exceptional blueberry varieties, including OlympusBlue, KeplerBlue, and AzraBlue. Through hands-on exploration and comparisons, attendees gained valuable insights into fruit characteristics and cost dynamics, fostering a deeper understanding of optimal cultivation practices.

A highlight of the forum was the blind tasting session featuring Variety FCM14-057, sparking lively discussions and shared experiences among participants. This interactive element not only showcased the diversity of flavors but also underscored the importance of sensory evaluation in selecting superior varieties.

The event was further enriched by insightful presentations from esteemed speakers, Cindy van Rijswick and Miguel del Toro Peters, whose expertise and passion ignited inspiration and fostered meaningful dialogue among attendees.

In retrospect, the Fall Creek® Field & Forum in Spain was more than a gathering; it was a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collective growth. As we express gratitude to all participants for their invaluable contributions, we look forward to future endeavors that continue to nurture innovation and collaboration in the blueberry industry.


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