Burgert van Dyk to lead Fall Creek Europe, Middle East, and Africa organization

In his previous role as Regional Director–South Africa, Burgert successfully led the team that literally built Fall Creek South Africa from the ground up, including the acquisition of land (in Paarl, Western Cape) and the development of 3.8 ha of grow-out nursery space (with another 1.8 ha nearly completed!), a state-of the art propagation facility and a recently inaugurated tissue culture laboratory, as well as growing and leading the initial team of three to now twenty-five permanent employees responsible for all core operations.

In October 2021, Burgert accepted the challenge to take on an additional assignment to oversee the European operations as Interim Regional Director. In a very short time, he has successfully united the EMEnA team and has guided them to strive for excellence.  He has also demonstrated thoughtful strategic insight, great leadership, and a collaborative work style as we gain momentum in our regional growth.

As Fall Creek continues to grow and expand, its organizational structure must be flexible and agile enough to meet new challenges and capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves, as well as offer significant individual and career development opportunities.  All of these have contributed to and enabled the decision to combine the Fall Creek South Africa and Fall Creek EMEnA regions.

In this new role, Burgert will lead the Fall Creek Europe Leadership Team, composed of a soon to be hired Commercial Manager, Antonio Alamo, Sabine Munk and Jose Maria Moreno. To provide appropriate support to the South Africa region and to Burgert in his new role, we will be adding the position of General Manager-South Africa, reporting to Burgert, who will lead the current Fall Creek South Africa Leadership team composed of Wian Mouton, Andries van Rhyn, Michael Green, Anelda Raats and Emcee Gagiano. The creation of the General Manager role is a succession planning strategy to serve as a potential development ladder for Fall Creek.

Please join me in congratulating Burgert in his new leadership role and extend to him your support and best wishes for continued success!

- Oscar Verges, Co-CEO

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