Here is our new update on blueberry bud set at Fall Creek®'s high chill Oregon research farm. Here we show a comparison of each variety's bud set progression with more weeks of comparison coming throughout the season.

Dan Ambrosi, from Fall Creek's Applied Research team, provides this timely update:

Buds at the Fall Creek Research Farm have not moved a whole lot in the past month. We have had a few weeks of unseasonably cold weather with low temperatures reaching 16°F (-8.89°C) on multiple occasions and daytime high temperatures not getting very far above freezing. Forecasts for the next 10 days show temperatures rising to more seasonable levels, so I anticipate we will see more bud movement in the next two weeks. Currently at the research farm, we have accumulated about 64 GDD (growing degree days) and about 1980 chill hours (Utah Model). 

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