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Farming Blueberries in Mexico

Farming is a major way of life in Mexico, where more than half of the country’s total area is devoted to agriculture. Mexico is the eighth largest agricultural crop producer in the world, and its most significant crops include avocados, tomatoes, corn, beans, sugar, peppers/chiles, and berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries).

Fall Creek®’s commitment to Mexico’s blueberry growers has been a constant for more than 12 years. Mexico was one of the first countries to massively expand its blueberry growing area, increasing by 20 times the acreage planted in the 11 years between 2009 and 2018, and by 85 million pounds the production in that time. Last year, Mexico was the second largest exporter, and the second largest source of organic blueberries, to the United States of any country after Chile. The blueberry industry is expected to increase in the next seven years by at least 1,000 hectares per year.

Blueberry growing in Mexico is concentrated in the central states of Jalisco, Michoacán, Guanajuato, and Sinaloa, which also are major strawberry producers. We believe in Mexico and its growers so much that we built a nursery in Jalisco. As a family-owned business, involving two active generations, Fall Creek® is honored to supply and support the blueberry industry in Mexico. 

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Varieties for Growers in Mexico

Mexico’s climate and dedication to blueberries continues to drive a strong and profitable industry. Fall Creek®’s wholly-owned and operated research center and nursery in Mexico gives us important insight to provide growers the best technical information and plants most suited for no-chill and low-chill environments. Our customers can expect uniform plants that are visually free of pests and disease; display at least two branches; and have a root system that covers and holds the substrate.

Current offerings include, from the Fall Creek® Collection, AtlasBlue® ‘FCM12-045’, BiancaBlue® ‘FCM12-087’, and JupiterBlue® ‘FCM12-131’, and the open catalog varieties Ventura and Biloxi. Newly available in 2021 are two low-chill selections from the Collection: OlympusBlue® ‘TH-1008’ and ValentinaBlue® ‘FF03-015.’ In 2022, our no-chill variety AzraBlue® ‘FMC14-031’ also becomes available. All plants begin from tissue culture for optimum production of robust plants that offer the best field performance and fruit ready for market. 

Fall Creek® will continue to release new plants from our extensive breeding and trialing program in Mexico with the participation of local growers who support rigorous testing in different states to discover plants and to identify production techniques that best meet the unique growing conditions of individual regions.

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Technical and Horticultural Support Key to Success

Fall Creek® maintains an exceptional full-time sales and grower support team that provides in-person horticultural and technical support to serve our customers where they grow. Our team helped to pioneer Mexico's blueberry industry, which gives them years of specialized expertise in commercially growing blueberries in the distinct climates and regions of Mexico. 

Our professional team also taps into a global network of the world’s best growers and technical team members to share and provide up-to-date research information, variety-specific technical guidance, and market intelligence from other areas of the world.

We are proud to work with the excellent growers of Mexico and look forward to serving them for many years to come.

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Growing Blueberries in Mexico

To learn more about Fall Creek®  in Mexico, our varieties, and the support we offer, talk with a member of our Sales & Grower team: 

Commercial Manager, Mexico  
Ricardo Marquez

Representing Fall Creek Mexico,
Salvador Alvarez Barboza

Technical Grower Support Representative, 
Karen Ruiz 
Phone: +52 133 2183 8040 | Email

Technical Grower Support Representative,
Luis Llanos
Phone: +52 384 103 5823 | Email

Technical Grower Support Representantive, 
Efren Angulo
Phone: +52 384 103 5823 | Email 

Office Administrator & Customer Service, 
Cindy Marmolejo

Fall Creek® Mexico Office
Phone: +52 384 733 8077