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No Chill

Victoria™ ‘TH-929’

Victoria™ ‘TH-929’, from the University of Georgia, was selected primarily for use in no chill, evergreen production systems. It’s recommended for commercial trial in the southeastern U.S. and California. Victoria™ ‘TH-929’ is a vigorous, mid-late ripening variety with an open bush that holds fruit on the outside of the plant for easy picking.

Licensed Variety Badge

Licensed Variety

Licensed to Fall Creek. Royalties may apply. Please contact your regional Fall Creek representative for details.

Berry Size:

Large - Very Large Large - Very Large Size
Primary Use: Fresh, Processed
Fruit Qualities: Medium Blue, Firm, Mild Flavor
Bush Habit: Spreading, Vigoroso
Chilling Level: No Chill
Ripening Season  
Triangle Season Scale

This is just one of many outstanding varieties available through
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