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Low Chill

Miss Jackie™ ‘TH-917’

A release from the University of Georgia. Miss Jackie™ ‘TH-917’ has large, firm, high quality fruit and could be a possible Camellia companion. Compared to Camellia, it can be easier to manage due to its better leafing. Ripens later than Star, Emerald, and Jewel, filling a seasonal production gap.

Licensed Variety Badge

Licensed Variety

Licensed to Fall Creek. Royalties may apply. Please contact your regional Fall Creek representative for details.

Berry Size:

Large Large Size
Primary Use: Fresh
Fruit Qualities: Large, Light Blue
Bush Habit: Open, Upright, Vigoroso
Chilling Level: Low Chill
Ripening Season  
Triangle Season Scale

Miss Jackie is a possible Camellia companion and fills a seasonal production gap, ripening after Star, Emerald, and Jewel. We recommend trialing before planting commercial quantities of Miss Jackie. 
--Sarah Varble, PhD
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