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Low to Mid Chill

Miss Alice Mae™ ‘TH-921’

Miss Alice Mae™ ‘TH-921’ blueberries are a new release from the University of Georgia. It ripens early mid-season (with Star in California) and flowers later than Star. A workhorse variety, the Miss Alice Mae blueberry is known for high yields and ease of growing which are the main advantages of this variety. The fruit is a lighter blue than Star, but overall the fruit quality of Miss Alice Mae blueberies is average.

Licensed Variety Badge

Licensed Variety

Licensed to Fall Creek. Royalties may apply. Please contact your regional Fall Creek representative for details.

Berry Size:

Medium - Large Medium - Large Size
Primary Use: Fresh
Fruit Qualities: Large, Light Blue
Bush Habit: Rounded
Chilling Level: Low to Mid Chill
Ripening Season  
Triangle Season Scale

Miss Alice Mae shows a lot of promise for the early part of mid-season. In our trials, the fruit is very firm and light blue with good flavor. We recommend trialing this variety in your fields. 
--Sarah Varble, PhD
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