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United States

Geographically diverse, with widely ranging climatic factors, such as soil variation and annual growing days, the U.S. provides constant opportunity to supply blueberries for about 7 months of the year. Whether you are an established grower, just getting started, or considering a move into the category, our extensive variety line-up and comprehensive grower support are resources you can rely on during planning efforts and for years to come. From Florida to New Jersey, California to Washingtion, U.S. growers have immense long-term opportunities to establish new plantings and capitalize on the growing consumption of blueberries around the world.

With our corporate headquarters and core team located in Lowell, Oregon, our homebase provides comprehensive, interconnected resources available to growers only through our team. Through our own breeding program, our work with other leading programs, and our state of the art nursery facilities, we are able to provide U.S. growers with the finest varieties and plants.  

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Varieties For U.S. Growers

We conduct extensive trials and evaluation processes to learn as much about new up and coming varieties. When we launch new varieties our commitment to you, the grower, is to tell you what we know and even what we don’t know about varieties and their long-term potential so you can make the best decisions possible when selecting varieties. Whether your growing area requires Northern Highbush, Southern Highbush, Rabbiteyes, or maybe no- or low-chill varieties, our team of experts can help put together the best variety package available based on your goals and market targets.

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Building A "World With Better Blueberries™" Through U.S. Growers

As the leading supplier of premium blueberry nursery stock, we provide growers around the globe with the finest, virus-tested, true-to-type blueberry plants available. And with trial sites, nurseries and distribution partners throughout the Americas and Europe, we have established global hubs of research, market intelligence, and sales and support experts. Whether you’re an established grower or new to blueberries, no matter where you are, you’re in good hands with our nearly four decades of experience and thoughtful global integration.

There are three key pillars that bind Fall Creek and growers globally:

  • Varieties:  Best varieties available to meet the needs of growers and to best ensure success
  • Plants:  True-to-type varieties & high health plants
  • Grower Support:  Advance planning intelligence, technical advising & our global marketplace perspective

Fall Creek® is ready to lead the way in serving growers through exceptional varieties, plants, and grower support services. 

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Growing Blueberries in the U.S.

Fall Creek® serves commercial blueberry growers right where they grow. This is why we continue to build our team to include grower support representatives who live in and serve the blueberry growing regions of the US and Canada.

Growers count on us to deliver the best varieties, premium-quality plants and unsurpassed expertise. Give us a call and let’s discuss your plans and we’ll show you how Fall Creek can play a pivotal role to help you ensure maximum success.

Contact our U.S. Sales & Grower Support Team to learn more.

Western Washington & British Columbia
Ranjeet Randhawa, Grower Support
Phone: +1 (541) 463-9287  |  Email

Oregon & Eastern Washington
Jake Johnson, Grower Support Representative
Phone: +1 (541) 685-2653  |  Email

California & North Carolina
Michael Lombardi, Grower Support Representative
Phone: +1 (541) 744-2400  |  Email

All Other US Regions
Micah Weiss, Area Manager
Phone: +1 (541) 463-9264  |  Email

Val Shepler, Commercial Manager
Phone:+1 (541) 359-2839  |  Email


Customer Service - U.S.
Denise Lake, Customer Service Lead

Nathan Lagman, Inside Sales

Fall Creek® - US Offices


For Inquiries Outside of US & Canada, visit the regional pages of our website.

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“A World With Better Blueberries™”

"If we consistently improve the blueberry eating experience, everyone benefits--from the growers all the way to the families consuming the fruit." --Amelie Brazelton Aust

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