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Farming Blueberries in South Africa

Farming in South Africa is both a business and a lifestyle. Multi-generational farming families are the cornerstone of South Africa’s proud farming culture, where owners are continually involved in daily operations, from the field to the back office.

South Africa’s agriculture is diverse: The leading exports include citrus, wine, grapes, apples and pears, sugar, macadamia nuts, wool, and maize. Blueberries in South Africa are one of the fastest growing agricultural products in South Africa, both in hectares planted and gross value of production. As a family-owned business, involving two active generations, Fall Creek® is proud to contribute to this emerging berry industry in South Africa.

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Fall Creek®'s Nursery in South Africa

With its nursery near Paarl almost complete, Fall Creek® South Africa will provide a comprehensive growing facility that produces premium quality blueberry nursery stock as well as a trial site where growers can view varieties in a commercial farming-like environment. Fall Creek®’s portfolio includes varieties that span chill levels and are well-suited to the diverse growing environments of South Africa.

Watch this brief introduction to Fall Creek® South Africa.

At full production levels, Fall Creek® South Africa will start with offerings from
the Fall Creek® Collection, which includes AtlasBlue® ‘FCM12-045’, BiancaBlue® ‘FCM12-087’, JupiterBlue® ‘FCM12-131’, and our catalog varieties, Ventura and Victoria. Soon to be available in South Africa are the exciting varieties OlympusBlue® ‘TH-1008’ and Blue Ribbon, along with the uniquely flavored variety, PeachyBlue ‘ZF08-029’. More varieties, and new genetics, will become available as Fall Creek® continues its extensive breeding and trialing program to provide carefully tested and curated varieties that best meet the unique growing conditions of the region.

See the available varieties Fall Creek® South Africa has to offer.

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Technical and Horticultural Support Key to Success

Farming runs deep in Fall Creek®’s South Africa team. The members of our Sales & Grower Support team each have experience in different aspects of the country’s agriculture industry and bring knowledge and a passion to serve South Africa’s growers in their blueberry operations.

Whether a grower is just beginning to think about growing blueberries or looking to expand their plantings, Fall Creek® representatives are here to provide technical and horticultural support. Fall Creek® provides pre-planning, variety selection, and long-term guidance as well as market intelligence. Support for local growers is backed by Fall Creek®’s worldwide network through our Applied Research team and our service teams in areas with similar growing conditions and with similar or the same plant genetics. With this global reach, growers receive variety-specific technical guidance that helps reduce risk and shortens the learning curve that comes with growing any new variety.

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Growing Blueberries in South Africa

To learn more about Fall Creek® in South Africa, our varieties, and the support we offer, talk with a member of our Sales & Grower Support team:

Commercial Manager, South Africa, and Bigger Southern Africa
Wian Mouton
Phone +27 72 906 5119 | Email

Western Cape, Southern Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape
Elsa Muller, Sales and Grower Support
Phone: +27 79 050 7710 | Email

Namibia, Northern Cape, Gauteng, Rest of Southern Africa
Jeán Kotzé, Senior Sales and Grower Support
Phone: +27 76 113 0634 | Email 

Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Kwazulu-Natal, Zimbabwe, Kenya
Stegmann Hanekom
Phone: +27 79 425 5185 | Email