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Farming Blueberries in South Africa

South Africa has one of the most diverse agricultural sectors in the world. With an extensive range of climates and soil types, this vibrant country offers a multitude of promising farming opportunities.

Following in the footsteps of leading local exports such as citrus, wine, grapes, apples, pears, sugar, and maize – blueberries are quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing agricultural products in South Africa

As a family-owned business, Fall Creek® is proud to play a part in the story of Africa’s emerging berry industry. It’s an honor to partner with knowledgeable farmers with a top work ethic and a proven track record in the fresh fruit industry to produce premium quality blueberries, together.

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Fall Creek®'s Nursery in South Africa

Since the inception of our nursery in the heart of South Africa’s winelands a few years ago, Fall Creek® has been committed to creating the best-suited varieties and methods to ensure quality plants and successful producers.

Our Research and Development team in Paarl has been conducting extensive on-the-ground research and on-site lab testing to launch a range of premium varieties to thrive in the local growing conditions.

Fall Creek® South Africa’s portfolio currently includes varieties that span chill levels, including: AtlasBlue® ‘FCM12-045’, BiancaBlue® ‘FCM12-087’, AzraBlue™ ‘FCM14-031’, OlympusBlue® ‘TH-1008’, ArabellaBlue® ‘FC14-062’, LunaBlue® ‘FC12-205’, LoretoBlue™ ‘FC11-118’, Blue Ribbon, PeachyBlue ‘ZF08-029’, Sekoya POPTM 'FCM14-052'and Sekoya BeautyTM 'FCM12-097'.

Go behind the scenes at Fall Creek® South Africa

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Technical and Horticultural Support Key to Success

Farming runs deep in Fall Creek®’s South Africa team. Each member of our Sales & Grower Support team is knowledgeable and highly skilled with extensive experience in the agricultural sector. But it’s not only about their expertise – more than that – they’re all passionate about farming and empowering South African producers.

In fact, this is the key element to Fall Creek®’s approach – our commitment to grower support. From inquiries and sales right through to plant establishment and care. Continuous hands-on guidance is vital since blueberry growers face particular challenges that need to be overcome to ensure success. The team provides pre-planning, variety selection, long-term guidance, and market intelligence – it’s a successful model built on integrity.
Our support to local growers is backed by Fall Creek®’s international network – our applied research team as well as our teams based in areas with similar growing conditions or plant genetics. With this global reach, growers receive variety-specific technical guidance that helps reduce risk and shortens the learning curve that comes with growing any new variety.

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Growing Blueberries in South Africa

The business of blueberries is no ordinary venture: it’s alive with possibilities – and also challenges – that growers face season by season, day by day.

And so, we walk alongside you, step by step, committing to your success through an ongoing relationship of support, knowledge-sharing and in-person visits.

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Fall Creek® in South Africa Sales & Grower Support team:

Area Manager Commercial: Southern Africa
Wian Mouton
Phone +27 72 906 5119 | Email

Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Southern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Zimbabwe
Stegmann Hanekom, Sales & Grower Support
Phone: +27 79 425 5185 | Email

Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North-West, Gauteng, Kenya
Nick Bowen, Sales & Grower Support
Phone: +27 79 896 6297 | Email

Western Cape, Northern Cape, Namibia, Other
Jeán Kotzé, Senior Sales & Grower Support
Phone: +27 76 113 0634 | Email

Customer Support & Relationship Representative
Melise Ferreira
Phone: +27 66 217 9007 | Email