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Advantage 6 Cell™

Available in two different sizes, the Advantage 6 Cell™ and Advantage 12 Cell™ products represent Fall Creek’s solution to traditional bare-root and offers an economical alternative to container grown stock by reducing transportation costs. Our customers report better field establishment, stronger and more uniform growth, increased vigor, and faster fruit production. Each Advantage 6 Cell plant is carefully removed from the cell tray and wrapped in bundles of 5. Our Advantage Cells are typically available for shipping from January through April.

Size: 4 3/8" x 7 7/8" Cell / 1600 ml Volume Approximately
Packing: 5 Plants Per Bundle / 500-700 Plants Per Bin Box
Order Minimum: 700 Plants

At Fall Creek our focus is to provide the finest quality, healthiest plants, and to maximize our customers' success.  We grow blueberry nursery stock in a variety of sizes and forms to meet your commercial growing needs.