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2 Liter Pot

Fall Creek®’s 2 Liter Pot is the result of many years of our staff ’s combined efforts and horticultural expertise. This product transplants with little shock to the root system, and in ideal field conditions, is often ready for fruiting in the second season. Our routine practice is to shear the top growth of each plant prior to shipping. 2 Liter Pots are carefully packed into Fall Creek® pallet bin boxes for convenient shipping, easy unloading and handling by planting crews.

Size: 5" Wide x 5.5" Deep / 3 Lbs. Approximately
Packing: 300-396 Plants Per Bin Box
Order Minimum: 700 Plants

The 2 Liter Pot is our growers' first choice because it provides the largest root-and-media volume. This in turn offers the best possibility for a better developed plant.
--Dick Mombell, Commercial Sales & Business Manager