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Farming Blueberries in Peru

Peru is one of Latin America’s best-performing economies, led by its seasonal exports of high-value fresh fruit and vegetables, including avocados, table grapes, asparagus — and blueberries. Peru is now recognized as the number one supplier of fresh blueberries worldwide, supported by its long growing days, large expanses of plantable land, and access to markets across Asia and the Americas.

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Blueberry Farm Area in Peru

The country has experienced explosive growth of blueberries in under a decade, from 70 hectares planted in 2012 to an estimated 14,000 hectares in 2020. And its dominance in the world blueberry market is only expected to continue, with blueberries now ranking as the country’s second most important agricultural export after table grapes.

To maximize results of the rapidly increasing and highly professional farming operations of Peru, Fall Creek has invested in a nursery facility south of Lima to provide premium plants and valuable technical support to aid our customers in their long-term success.

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Varieties for Growers in Peru

Fall Creek Peru offers high-quality blueberry nursery stock with good root systems and appropriate traits for successful growth in a no-chill environment. Whether ordering 10,000 or 100,000 plants, customers can expect to receive vigorous, premium plants with uniform characteristics and performance to improve yields and returns.

Current offerings include, from the Fall Creek® Collection, AtlasBlue® ‘FCM12-045’, BiancaBlue® ‘FCM12-087’, and JupiterBlue® ‘FCM12-131’; and our catalog variety, Ventura. All plants begin from tissue culture, the optimum method for producing robust plants that offer the best field performance and fruit ready for market.

Customers of Fall Creek Peru also have access to new genetics when they become available, as we maintain an extensive breeding and trial program to provide carefully tested and curated varieties that provide cost-efficient, productive, and reliable plants that yield exceptional tasting blueberries. Two new varieties are expected for preview by the beginning of 2022.

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Blueberry Growing Seasons in Peru

Peru as a blueberry supplier provides fresh blueberries nearly year-round. While the peak season is in December and January, blueberries from Peru are available during other months as well, ensuring a consistent supply to consumers.

Peru's diverse climate zones, from coastal regions to highlands, allow for blueberry cultivation at different elevations and temperatures.

  • Season Start (August) - Blueberry production in Peru typically kicks off in August. During this early season, you can find a limited supply of fresh blueberries in the market.
  • Peak Season (December/January) - The blueberry season in Peru reaches its peak around December and January. During this period, you'll find the largest quantity and the highest quality blueberries in stores.
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Technical and Horticultural Support in Peru

Our professional team of technical support and sales representatives are available to guide you through all stages of planning your blueberry operation, from pre-planning to variety selection, planting, and beyond. Fall Creek provides on-site visits, technical and horticultural support — especially after any new variety purchases — and long-term, consistent guidance to ensure your success.

Support for growers is also backed by Fall Creek’s global reach. Through our Applied Research team, our service teams, and allied experts in other regions, growers have access to a network of information for variety-specific technical guidance, market intelligence, and up-to-date research information from other areas of the world. In this way, we help growers reduce risk and shorten learning curves. Our team is focused on your success.

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Growing Blueberries in Peru

To learn more about Fall Creek®  in Peru, our varieties, and the support we offer, talk with a member of our Sales & Grower team: 

Fall Creek® Peru

Commercial Manager, Peru
Julio Zavala

Sales & Technical Support Representative Central & Southern Territory
Cristian Rojas
Phone: +51 982 086 241 | Email

Sales & Grower Support Representative Northern Territory
Jaime Campos 
Phone: +51 980 897 362  | Email

Customer Service Representative
Ariana Trinidad
Phone: +51 960 902 786 | Email

Fall Creek® - Peru Office
Phone: +51 981 267 007 | Email

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