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Growing in Peru

With long growing days, large expanses of plantable land, and ease of access to markets across Asia and the Americas, Peru is emerging as a premium-growing region with immense potential. To maximize grower results, we have invested in our own nursery facility south of Lima, technical team and sales representative, combined with our global team of technicians and allied experts, to provide the strongest resources available, ready to aid in your long-term success.

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Varieties for Peru Growers

Most importantly to you as a grower, is the quality of the plants you put in the ground. Our more than 40 years in business are focused on ensuring that our plants are grown well and offer maximum vigor to improve yields and returns. To do this we begin all plants from tissue culture, the optimum method for producing robust plants that offer the best field performance and fruit ready for market. With our blueberry plants, no matter the variety, you are well prepared for success and financial gain for years to come. 

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Building A World With Better Blueberries™ Through Peru’s Growers

As the leading supplier of premium blueberry nursery stock, we provide growers around the globe with the finest, virus-tested, true-to-name blueberry plants available. And with trial sites, nurseries and distributor partners throughout the Americas and Europe, we have established global hubs of research, market intelligence, sales and support experts. Whether you’re an established grower or new to blueberries, no matter where you are, you’re in good hands with our nearly four decades of experience and thoughtful global integration.

There are three key pillars that bind Fall Creek® and growers globally:

Varieties:  Best varieties available to meet the needs of growers and to best ensure success
Plants:  True-to-type varieties & high health plants
Grower Support:  Advance planning intelligence, technical advising & our global marketplace perspective

Fall Creek® is ready to lead the way in serving growers through exceptional varieties, plants and grower support services.

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Growing Blueberries in Peru

Fall Creek® is proud to serve the fine blueberry growers of Peru from our nursery and offices in Peru. We have a professional team of sales and technical support experts to guide you through all stages of planning your blueberry operation to technical support throughout planting and after. We strongly encourage growers to talk to our team early to take advantage of their expertise and to ensure the plants and varieties you want are ready when you are. Our team is focused on your success.

Fall Creek® Peru

Commercial Manager, Peru
Rodrigo Cilloniz

Cristian Rojas, Sales & Technical Support Representative
Phone: 0+982086241 | Email

Customer Service - Fall Creek Peru
Giselle Ibañez, Customer Service & Logisitics Specialist
Phone: 0+940401433 | Email

Fall Creek® - Peru Office
Phone: +511 616-0160 | Email


“World With Better Blueberries”

"If we consistently improve the blueberry eating experience, everyone benefits--from the growers all the way to the families consuming the fruit." --Amelie Brazelton Aust

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