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Growing In Mexico

We believe Mexico has some of the best growers in the world. Our commitment to Mexico and its growers hasn’t wavered in two decades due to our deep respect for and partnership with the farmers and people we have grown with. We believe in Mexico and its growers so much that we built a nursery there. The climate, technical expertise, and dedication to blueberries continues to drive a strong and profitable business that we are honored to supply and support. 

With its proximity to the U.S., Mexico is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing North American demand for year round premium blueberries. Increased expectations for readily available fresh berries sets the demand and provides immense opportunity for Mexico’s growers. Combine strong, steady market growth with the ability to deliver your first crop within a year of planting, and you have a powerful channel of revenue and ultimately profits. Add to that the very real possibility of recovering your investment in just two years after planting, and it is clear why Mexico is leading Latin America in blueberry supply and growth. The opportunities are plentiful. 

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Varieties for Mexico Growers

Whether it is Biloxi, Ventura, Victoria, or one of the promising new varieties, we provide the region’s best variety offerings and vigorous, field-ready plants. We reinforce that with exceptional grower support steeped in the rich knowledge gained over decades of working with the world’s best growers. Our wholly-owned and operated research center and nursery in Mexico gives us important insight and opportunities to provide growers the best resources available. Our professional team on the ground in Mexico serves you where you grow. Growers in Mexico have been relying on Fall Creek’s plants and expertise for more than two decades. We are proud to serve the fine growers of Mexico and look forward to being your partner for many more years to come. Call on us.

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Building A "World With Better Blueberries"™ Through Mexico’s Growers

As the leading supplier of premium blueberry nursery stock, we provide growers around the globe with the finest, virus-tested, true-to-type blueberry plants available. And with trial sites, nurseries and distribution partners throughout the Americas and Europe, we have established global hubs of research, market intelligence, and sales and support experts. Whether you’re an established grower or new to blueberries, no matter where you are, you’re in good hands with our nearly four decades of experience and thoughtful global integration.

There are three key pillars that bind Fall Creek and growers globally:

  • Varieties:  Best varieties available to meet the needs of growers and to best ensure success
  • Plants:  True-to-type varieties & high health plants
  • Grower Support:  Advance planning intelligence, technical advising & our global marketplace perspective

Fall Creek is ready to lead the way in serving growers through exceptional varieties, plants and grower support services.

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Growing Blueberries in Mexico

To learn more about Fall Creek in Mexico, our varieties, and the support we offer, talk with a member of our Sales & Grower team: 

Commercial Manager, Mexico  
Ricardo Marquez

Representing Fall Creek Mexico,
Salvador Alvarez Barboza

Technical Grower Support Representative, 
Karen Ruiz 
Phone: +52 133 2183 8040 | Email

Office Administrator & Customer Service, 
Cindy Marmolejo

Fall Creek Mexico Office
Phone: 384 733 8077