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Growing in Southern Europe & Mediterranean Sea Areas: Huelva Region, Northern Morocco (Larache & Moulay), Sicily, Southern Turkey

The largest blueberry growing area in Southern Europe today is Huelva in Spain with substantial  volumes in April – May. To date, the majority of the industry’s production consists of   3-4 varieties, production volumes of which are very concentrated in a short market window.

As the production in this area of Europe is mainly focused on export, there is increasing demand for varieties with better quality, firmness, and improved taste. Many larger-scale growers are starting to replace older varieties to meet increasing demand with better fruit quality. Growers are also looking to add later-season varieties to ensure fruit in June which is an underserved window of opportunity at this time in the European consumer market.  Fall Creek’s low chill portfolio offering includes multiple new and established varieties producing in the early, mid, and late seasons to address grower needs to align with market quality demands as well timing.  Varieties on offer have been extensively trialed and proven.  Please contact our sales and grower support team to discuss the performance of the varieties on offer and how to align your planting plans with future market demands. 

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Sales & Grower Support in Southern Europe

Fall Creek’s Sales & Grower Support team dedicated to Southern Europe & the Mediterranean Sea Area stands ready to serve you:

Huelva Region – Estefanía Rodriguez, Sales & Grower Support Representative 


Northern Morocco (Larache & Moulay) – Abdelhadi Zougui, Sales & Grower Support Representative 


Sicily – Andrea Pergher, Sales & Grower Support Representative 


Southern Turkey – Mariusz Padewski, Grower Support Consultant