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Growing in Mid-South Europe: Northern Iberia, Romania, France, Bulgaria, Black Sea Region

Mid-South Europe is most typically a mid-chill region. Some northern and less temperate areas of the region can tend to be more high-chill and the southern most areas can be more low-chill. It is important for growers in Mid-South Europe to work closely with their Fall Creek representative to better define the microclimate in which they growing to ensure the right varieties and technical support.

Blueberry production in Mid-South Europe is mainly focused on export which means that growers should look to varieties with the quality, firmness, taste, and other attributes that align with the market demands. The addition of varieties that ripen in the later season to grower variety portfolios in these regions will help growers to optimize efficiency in labor continuity and expanding their market presence while reducing risk.  Fall Creek has released multiple varieties which are uniquely adapted to these environments including Blue Ribbon, Top shelf, and in the later season, Last Call and Overtime. 

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Sales & Grower Support in Mid-South Europe

Fall Creek’s Sales & Grower Support team dedicated to Mid-South Europe stands ready to serve you:

Northern Iberia - Estefanía Rodriguez, Sales & Grower Support Representative


Romania, France, North Italy, Bulgaria - Andrea Pergher, Sales & Grower Support Representative 



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