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Growing in Caucasus: Georgia, Azerbaijan

The regions of Caucasus are typical mid-chill areas with a smattering of true high chill in the northern highlands and low chill in the south. It is important for growers in this region to define their microclimates and to work closely with their Fall Creek sales and grower support representative before deciding on varieties. This area, which is also known as the “Fruit Garden of Russia,” can export fruit to a multitude of markets including Europe, Russia or the Middle East. This gives growers in the Caucasus region an interesting advantage in flexibility both in growing and in marketing.

The Caucasus region have a tremendous opportunity to establish with the latest growing technologies and newest proven varieties as the industry is still in an early stage of development.  

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Sales & Grower Support in Caucasus

Fall Creek’s Sales & Grower Support team dedicated to the regions of Caucasus stands ready to serve you:

Georgia - Mariusz Padewski, Grower Support Consultant