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Growing in Northern & Eastern Europe: Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Baltics, Scandinavia.

The growing regions of Northern and Eastern Europe are typically high chill areas. Poland, followed by Germany, historically have been the most active blueberry growing areas in the north focused on popular older varieties such as Bluecrop. These varieties are good for the local markets but are not ideal for export markets as due to their shelf-life and firmness. Growers in this region are now replacing these older varieties with new cultivars such as Fall Creek®’s Valor® ‘ZF08-070’ , Cargo, Last Call, and others that offer a superior eating experience for consumers and improved economics for growers.

In countries new to growing blueberries such as Ukraine and Russia, the climatic conditions can be more extreme. Commercially competitive blueberry growing, packing, and shipping can still be achieved in these regions with proper investment and technical execution. 

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Tremendous Opportunity

Europe's primary market has been United Kingdom consumption. This market continues to grow and is nearing 50% market penetration. Meanwhile, on the European continent, consumption (volume utilization) is growing in double digits in the north and in peripheral key markets. 

Europeans love blueberries and they want them year round. This market is more selective with high demand for quality.

Growers who are eager to enter or stay in the business must also be eager to expand, establish competitive fields, competitive yields and competitive post harvest systems. This ensures not only meeting the quality expectations of the market but a business model that can thrive when the market becomes more competitive and when there is the eventual maturing of pricing. It’s important to note that a field should not be planted for the market realities of today but rather for the realities of tomorrow.

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Sales & Grower Support in Northern & Eastern Europe

Fall Creek®’s Sales & Grower Support team dedicated to Northern & Eastern Europe stands ready to serve you:

Commercial Manager, EMEnA
Michel Kaczmarek 

Grower Support Lead Europe
Mariusz Padewski

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland
Sep Vestjens, Sales Representative

Russia, Ukraine
Zhanna Mattviienko, Sales Representative