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Farming Blueberries in China

Although China has a centuries-long history of using Vaccinium relatives of blueberry for the production of jam, juice, and black rice, commercial growing of highbush blueberry (V. corymbosum) became well-established only after 2000. After 20 years of concerted development, blueberry cultivation is soaring throughout China, with production on more than 60,000 hectares exceeding 320,000 tons in 2020. Blueberry consumption has increased significantly as consumers become more aware of the fruit’s nutritional benefits.

尽管中国使用蓝莓的近缘种生产果酱、果汁和黑米的历史已有数百年之久,但高丛蓝莓(V. corymbosum)的商业种植在2000年后才得到充分发展。经过20年的协同发展,中国各地的蓝莓种植发展迅速。2020年,中国的种植面积超过6万公顷,产量达32万吨。随着消费者对蓝莓营养价值的深入了解,蓝莓的消费量也显著增加。

With its immense size, China demonstrates vast geographical diversity, from fertile lowlands to craggy mountains, and from high tablelands to ocean-bordering coastways. China’s blueberry season reaches from January through August, and notably almost all of the yield is consumed domestically.


Fall Creek® China will produce young plants of varieties true to type from healthy and virus-tested mother stock. The varieties are suitable for specific growing regions, supporting farmers interested in producing high-quality blueberries in this burgeoning market.

Fall Creek中国将从健康和经过病毒测试的母株中生产出纯种幼苗。这些品种适用于特定的种植区域,为有兴趣在这个新兴市场生产高质量蓝莓的农民提供支持。

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Fall Creek®'s Nursery in China - COMING SOON!
Fall Creek在中国的苗圃——即将推出!

Fall Creek®’s newest nursery is in development in China, on approx. 300,000 square meters south of the city of Kunming in Yunnan Province. The area is well suited for low and no-chill blueberry varieties. Future plans include a second Fall Creek® China nursery in northern China for mid and high-chill varieties.

Fall Creek的最新苗圃正在中国开发,该苗圃位于云南省昆明市南部,占地约30万平方米。该地区很适合种植低寒和无寒的蓝莓品种。未来的计划将包括在中国北部建立第二个Fall Creek中国苗圃,以培育中寒和高寒品种。

The company began exploring opportunities in China more than ten years ago, but the project formally took shape in November 2020. Berries were rarely seen in China just a few decades ago, but blueberry consumption has increased significantly in recent years as consumers have become more aware of the fruit’s nutritional benefits.


The official company name in China is 云南富瑞科生物科技有限公司 or “Yunnan Fu Rui Ke Sheng Wu Ke Ji You Xian Gong Si”. The characters Fu Rui Ke translate to “Rich Luck Science”. When spoken audibly, they closely resemble “Fall Creek” in English. Our goal is to create a Chinese company with Oregon roots.

公司在中国的官方名称是“云南富瑞科生物科技有限公司”或“Yunnan Fu Rui Ke Sheng Wu Ke Ji You Xian Gong Si”。Rich Luck Science可以翻译为“富瑞科”。其发音与英语中的“Fall Creek”非常相似。我们的目标是创建一个有俄勒冈州根基的中国公司。

Fall Creek® China is managed by an experienced local team. All fruit and plants produced in China will be designated for growers in China – once the demo farm is established. In the meantime, we will import to China for demonstration and trialing from other Fall Creek® locations. By the end of 2022, we expect to deliver the first plants from Fall Creek® China.

Fall Creek中国由一个经验丰富的当地团队管理。一旦示范农场建立起来,所有在中国生产的水果和植株将被指定给中国的种植者。同时,我们将从Fall Creek的其他地区向中国进口,以进行示范和试种。到2022年底,我们预计将从Fall Creek中国交付第一批植株。

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Technical and Horticultural Support Is Key to Success

There is a long, rich history of farming food crops in China. For many crops, there are countless experts with much experience. However, blueberries are a relatively new crop to China. Fall Creek®’s team in China, backed by our global team of blueberry experts, stand ready to assist growers in all the blueberry growing regions of China.

中国拥有丰富悠久的粮食作物种植历史。对于许多作物来说,拥有无数经验丰富的专家。然而,蓝莓在中国属于相对较新的作物。Fall Creek的中国团队,在我们全球蓝莓专家团队的支持下,随时准备协助中国所有蓝莓种植区的种植者。

Whether a grower is new to blueberries or wishes to expand plantings, our team can assist in pre-planning from site selection and design to selecting the best varieties to meet your market needs and variety-specific technical management techniques to maximize your returns. We build lasting relationships by delivering value to our customers through the delivery of premium quality plants, the right genetics and unsurpassed technical support.


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Our Team Is Here to Serve You

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To learn more about Fall Creek® in China, our varieties, and the support we offer, talk with a member of our Sales & Grower Support Team in China: 

如需了解更多关于Fall Creek在中国的情况、我们的品种以及我们提供的支持,请联系我们在中国的销售和种植者支持团队的成员:

Henk Vaandrager, General Manager, Fall Creek® China
Email: henkv@fallcreekchina.com

Phone Number: +86 1821 3992 559

Henk Vaandrager,Fall Creek中国总经理

电话号码:+86 1821 3992 559

Xu Zhu "Bob", Operations Manager, Fall Creek® China

Email: xuz@fallcreekchina.com

Xu Zhu "Bob",Fall Creek中国运营经理


If you would like us to contact you, please complete this form, and a member of our Fall Creek® China team will respond within 24 hours: https://www2.fallcreeknursery.com/FallCreekChina/ContactUs

如果您希望我们与您联系,请填写此表,Fall Creek®中国团队的成员将在24小时内联系您。https://www2.fallcreeknursery.com/FallCreekChina/ContactUs


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