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Growing in Chile

We are proud to have played a role in launching Chile’s blueberry industry with our involvement in one of the first plantings of blueberries in 1982. We worked with industry pioneers including such names as Zegers, Romero, Moller and DeBlasis. Our first order was done by Telex exchange – a decades old form of sending text-like messages by land phone lines. For more than thirty years, we have worked hard to deliver new genetics, plants and technical support to the Chilean blueberry industry.

Today we serve Chilean growers with exceptional plants through our long-time partnership with Stonefly Nursery. Two multi-generational families, the Brazeltons of Fall Creek® and the Goycooleas of Stonefly, are aligned to support the future of the Chilean blueberry industry. Fall Creek® provides the genetics, Stonefly nursery delivers plants.

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Varieties For Chile’s Growers

Through our own breeding, and with our partner breeding programs, Fall Creek® has looked for varieties with potential adaptability to the diverse growing regions of Chile. We have achieved particular success with our partners at the University of Georgia. We have been breeding varieties with the needs of the Chilean industry in mind. Our wholly-owned program breeds low chill varieties in regions comparable to the center-north regions of Chile, and breeds high chill varieties at our Oregon headquarters which is uniquely like growing regions in the center-south and southern regions of Chile.


We conduct extensive trials and evaluations on the varieties offered in our portfolio and ensure Chile’s growers receive great insights from our team of experts. When we launch new varieties, our commitment is to openly and honestly share with growers what we know and what we don’t know. We also suggest growers trial the new varieties in their fields so you can make the best variety selection decisions.

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Sales & Grower Support In Chile

In addition to plants and access to our extensive variety portfolio, Fall Creek® provides grower support. Fall Creek® continues to directly engage Chile’s growers with our local technical team. The best blueberry companies in Latin America and beyond have come to rely on Fall Creek®’s expertise and professionalism. This includes areas such as field planning, soil preparation, variety selection, planting advice, post planting care and more. We have decades of experience collaborating with the world’s blueberry growers. We’ve learned a tremendous amount in that time and we’re happy to share it with our customers.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your plans and we’ll show you how Fall Creek® and Stonefly Nursery can play a pivotal role in helping you maximize success.

Carolina Uquillas, Comercial Manager, Chile

Francisco Ahumada Mandakovic, Sales & Grower Support Representative, Chile


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