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Growing in Argentina & Uruguay

In the early 1990s, Fall Creek® played an active role in introducing the crop of blueberries to the growers of Argentina and Uruguay. We were present for the first planting in Argentina. And Argentina was where Fall Creek® and a team of agricultural experts and blueberry industry pioneers figured out the keys to soil and water chemistry. This work also aided in advising California growers on growing blueberries – a crop not typically grown there. Fall Creek® is grateful to the University of Florida for entrusting Fall Creek® with its genetics which Fall Creek® was able to successfully introduce to the growers of Argentina and Uruguay.

Some of the best places to grow Southern Highbush blueberry varieties are located in Argentina and Uruguay. Here growers in many regions have near perfect soil and water conditions, and weather issues can be managed. Much of the industry was established early on in older varieties. At a time when growers here are no longer the sole suppliers of September through November blueberries, Argentina and Uruguay have established themselves as leaders in variety renovation by adopting newer genetics with better post-harvest characteristics and more competitive production windows.

Ultimately, in Argentina and Uruguay, Fall Creek® selected MR Berry as its oldest licensee, due to their technical ability, honesty and unwavering dedication to the success of the blueberry growers in these two countries. We are proud to support MR Berry in their service to Argentina and Uruguay’s blueberry industry.

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Varieties For Argentina & Uruguay’s Growers

Fall Creek®, with the help of MR Berry, listens carefully to the blueberry growers of Argentina and Uruguay in order to select varieties for adaptability to the growing regions of these countries. With a focus on an improved eating experience for berry consumers and harvest windows, Fall Creek® will continue to ensure the growers of Argentina and Uruguay have varieties that meet their needs.

We conduct extensive trials and evaluations on the varieties offered in our portfolio to ensure Argentina's and Uruguay's growers receive great insights from our team of experts. When we launch new varieties, our commitment is to openly and honestly share with growers what we know and what we don’t know. We also suggest growers trial the new varieties in their fields so you can make the best variety selection decisions.

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Sales & Grower Support In Argentina & Uruguay

In addition to plants and access to our extensive variety portfolio, Fall Creek® and our regional licensee MR Berry provides grower support. This includes areas such as field planning, soil preparation, variety selection, planting advice, post planting care and more. We have decades of experience collaborating with the world’s blueberry growers. We’ve learned a tremendous amount in that time and we’re happy to share it with our customers.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your plans and we’ll show you how Fall Creek® and MR Berry can play a pivotal role in helping you maximize success.

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