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Welcome Commercial Fruit Growers

An Overview Of Fall Creek

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc. is the leading grower of premium blueberry nursery stock, supplying commercial fruit growers worldwide. We offer the world’s foremost selection of blueberry varieties. Each variety undergoes extensive evaluation at trial sites around the globe before being introduced into our catalog. All material is virus-tested, vigorous and true-to-name.

For more than 30 years, we have been supplying premium quality blueberry nursery stock and comprehensive grower support to blueberry growers around the globe. Our goal is to provide solutions to growers to help maximize their profits.

Bringing the Blueberry World to Our Customers

Fall Creek has an expert team that is passionate about blueberries. We share this passion with growers in more than 20 countries on four continents. Being uniquely connected to the global marketplace allows the Fall Creek team to utilize the most successful horticultural practices, keep abreast of emerging market trends and witness first-hand how varieties are performing at home and abroad.

Every blueberry farm, no matter how small, is affected by the international marketplace. Because of our global perspective and knowledge, we’re able to share with individual growers invaluable expertise, insight and solutions that they simply couldn’t get on their own. We serve as a portal to this wealth of field tested information and intelligence from the worldwide marketplace to you.

Whether you’re an established producer or new to farming blueberries, we have the experience, expertise and portfolio of proven varieties to help you maximize your success and profits.