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Growing in Europe

Since the early 2000s, Europe's primary market has been United Kingdom consumption. This market continues to grow and is nearing 50% market penetration. Meanwhile, on the European continent, consumption (volume utilization) is growing in double digits in the north and in peripheral key markets.

Europe is unique. Europeans love blueberries and they want them year-round. This market is more selective with high demand for quality. There is incredible opportunity for European producers and for producers in Africa and the Americas to supply this growing demand. 

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Tremendous Opportunity

Planting and volumes are growing. It's critical that Europe and Northern Africa establish supply chains in quality varieties that meet the demands and high expectation of European consumers. Growers who are eager to enter the business must also be eager to expand, establish competitive fields, competitive yields and competitive post-harvest systems. This ensures not only meeting the quality expectations of the market but a business model that can thrive when the market becomes more competitive and when there is the eventual maturing of pricing. It’s important to note that a field should not be planted for the market realities of today but rather for the realities of tomorrow.

The European blueberry supply remains comparatively small when viewed against other regions. Europe and Northern Africa have a tremendous opportunity to establish with the latest growing technologies and newest varieties, ultimately avoiding some of the errors made in other regions during their periods of rapid growth.

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Sales & Grower Support In Europe

Planting a new field is a major event and requires a sizable financial commitment for any grower in any company. Our Fall Creek team is here to support you. Fall Creek Europe has the largest propagation and nursery growing facilities in all of Europe and the Middle East territory as well as the largest portfolio of public and proprietary blueberry varieties available on the global market. We are committed to delivering the best plants and genetics to the European and Northern African industry through our Fall Creek Europe nursery facilities. Talk to our team early about your plans to ensure the benefit of our expertise and the best availability of the plants and genetics you want for your project.

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