A Few Employees Share Their Personal Insight About Working At Fall Creek Farm & Nursery

I have been employed at Fall Creek for 12 years, and really enjoy working here. There are plenty of opportunities to learn new things every day.  I look forward to continuing to learn and work alongside my coworkers.”

                                                                                   Mari, Team Leader, Propagation
                                                                                   Fall Creek Employee Since 2004


I really enjoy working at Fall Creek.  I started working here part-time in 2002 when I was 16 years old. When I got my degree in Horticulture from Oregon State University in 2009, I couldn’t envision working anywhere else but Fall Creek.  The people who work here are great!  They are the reason why this company is healthy and growing despite these tough economic times.  Fall Creek really cares about the success of you and the business, and they do what it takes to be the best.

                                                                          Ryan, Research & Development Department
                                                                                    Fall Creek Employee Since 2002


I have seen a lot of changes since I started working at Fall Creek Farm and Nursery. In June of 1985 I married my lovely bride Caroline and less than a month later started working for the Brazeltons. Both have been wonderful marriages.

I was hired to care for the fields of blueberries that covered the majority of the property back then. As the nursery grew and years passed my roles on the farm changed. I tore out fields, built container yard, worked in crop protection, propagation, production, shipping, harvest of fruit and nursery stock, even dabbled in sales. I have seen the nursery grow from propagating less than 100,000 plants to the millions we grow today. Throughout my career at Fall Creek I have been treated with respect. I have enjoyed working with people who truly believe in the vision of becoming the worlds’ leading blueberry nursery stock grower.  I believe the focus on customer success, the knowledge, vision, and attention to detail has made Fall Creek the successful business it is today. The Brazelton family instills the spirit of collaboration among their employees and has assembled a team of experts in every facet of their business. I am proud to be part of this exciting and dynamic team. I look forward to the challenge each new growing season brings. I am fortunate to have a wonderful wife and job working for Fall Creek. This is a special place with its’ beautiful surroundings and special people.

It was a dream of Dave and Barbara Brazelton to start a business that would support more than just their family clear back in 1978. I have a daughter in college and a son college bound this fall. I would say that their dream has come true and so has mine.

                                                                                 Tim, Farm Manager, USA 
                                                                                     Fall Creek Employee Since 1985



Everybody that works here is nice and we all help each other. When you want to learn something new, someone is always willing to teach you.

                                                                                Maria, Research & Development Department
                                                                                    Fall Creek Employee Since 1992



I first began learning about Fall Creek in February 2008. I was looking for an opportunity to advance my career, and at the same time Fall Creek was recruiting for this position.

I must say that even though I tried diligently to research Fall Creek, who the owners were, what the company stood for, where it had been, and in what direction it was striving to go, I really did not have a true picture of the Fall Creek Family until I arrived to work here in July 2008.

Upon my arrival, I was immediately embraced by its owners, staff and culture. Fall Creek welcomed me with a graciousness that I had not experienced anywhere else before.  The Fall Creek culture is one of openness in communication, excellence in horticulture, and a desire to maintain a brand in the nursery industry that is un-matched by competitors. The Fall Creek culture is guided by its Mission Statement:

 “Cultivating exceptional plants, relationships, and innovation solutions to optimize customer success.”

These are 11 words that truly and simply define the focus of the company, it owners and its staff.

In all my previous employment engagements, Mission Statements were pushed aside as marketing buzz words. At Fall Creek the Mission Statement describes a cornerstone of the company. Upon this cornerstone, the company and its culture are built and functioning from.

Fall Creek is an amazingly complex organization, with a worldwide impact second to none in the blueberry industry. Its future is extremely bright. I am tremendously proud to have the opportunity to make contributions to the success of the business, the team of employees dedicated to its success, and the family that has welcomed me, and shown me so much love.

                                                                                  Scott, General Manager, Executive Team
                                                                                  Fall Creek Employee Since 2008


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