• Elliott in hands

High Chill


Until Liberty and Aurora were introduced, Elliott blueberries were the leading late season blueberry for the fresh market. The berries are medium sized, with a small dry scar, and can be very tart if not completely ripe. The Elliot blueberry ripens over a period of three to five weeks depending on location. Care must be taken during harvest as high temperatures can cause berries to wrinkle. Elliott blueberries have moderate vigor and must be adequately pruned to retain bush growth and berry size.


Berry Size:

Medium Medium Size
Primary Use: Fresh
fruit qualities: Light Blue, Tart
Bush Habit: Open, Upright
Chilling Level: High Chill
Ripening Season  
Triangle Season Scale
Very Late

Elliott is still one of my favorite late varieties. Very productive and light blue-- it has been a standard for years. 
--Andrea Pergher
Technical Grower Support