• Commercial 2x5 field liner

38 Cell Liner

Fall Creek®’s 38 Cell Liners are designed for direct-planting in regions with extended growing seasons. This liner is a deep-rooted cell designed for economical long-distance shipping and quick, efficient transplanting. Finished plants have a sheared height of approximately 6-8" and are shipped in trays with 38 plants per tray and two trays per box. These two-tray boxes are shipped on pallets with a full pallet holding 42 boxes (3,192 plants per full pallet load).

Size: 2"x5" Cells
Packing: 76 Plants Per Box / 3,192 Plants Per Full Pallet
Order Minimum: 12 Boxes (912 Plants)

At Fall Creek® our focus is to provide the finest quality, healthiest plants, and to maximize our customers' success.  We grow blueberry nursery stock in a variety of sizes and forms to meet your commercial growing needs.