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72 Cell Liner

Fall Creek®’s 72 Cell Liners start as a tissue culture plugs which were then transplanted into 72-cell trays. This 1-year product size is not intended for direct field planting. These small liners are best suited for transplanting into larger containers and growing on for an additional season. Finished 72 Cell Liners are sheared to an approximate plant height of 4-6" and are shipped in two trays per box, with 72 plants per tray. These two-tray boxes are shipped on pallets with a full pallet holding 56 boxes (8,064 plants per full pallet load).

Size: 1½" x 3" Cells
Packing: 144 Plants Per Box / 8,064 Plants Per Full Pallet
Order Minimum: 12 Boxes (1,728 Plants)

At Fall Creek® our focus is to provide the finest quality, healthiest plants, and to maximize our customers' success.  We grow blueberry nursery stock in a variety of sizes and forms to meet your commercial growing needs.